Le Coco Bol, a company based in Mauritius,
embodies the slogan 'Nature's Bounty, Crafted in Harmony

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High-quality coconut materials

Providing robustness, durability, and moisture resistance, thereby ensuring versatile and aesthetic uses with longevity and reliability.

Professional Team

Delivering skilled, cohesive, and goal-oriented expertise to ensure high-performance results in every order.

Mauritius Shipping

Ensuring efficient, reliable, and secure delivery services across the entire island of Mauritius, without exception.

Explore Le Coco Bol: The Ultimate Sustainable and Artisanal Choice.

Embark on a sustainable culinary journey with Le Coco Bol, where eco-consciousness meets artisanal excellence. Crafted from renewable coconut shells, our bowls minimize environmental impact while showcasing traditional craftsmanship.

Elevate your kitchen aesthetic and reduce your carbon footprint with our authentic, eco-friendly bowls.

Explore our collection now for versatile serving solutions that make a statement of elegance and

Shop Le Coco Bol for a greener kitchen and a brighter future.