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Why are we so passionate about Le Coco Bol?

We are a small family living on the tropical island of Mauritius. Here coconuts are life! Everywhere you go you see coconut trees swaying in the wind, branches hanging low under the weight of the beautiful ripe coconuts. Local vendors line the streets, ready to open a sweet coconut for you to sip on the delicious coconut water inside. 

Coconuts give us so much! In fact it has become a huge industry. But what happens after all the flesh and water is taken out of the nuts to make healthy coconut milk, refreshing coconut water and amazing coconut oil?

The nut gets discarded. Burned, creating smoke and contributing significantly to environmental pollution.

At Le Coco Bol we are trying to make a difference! We are passionate about the environment and doing our part to conserve what we can for our future generation. 

Skillful artisans take those discarded nuts and handcraft them into beautiful, natural eco friendly bowls. The nuts are cut and polished inside and outside to a natural shine and then lovingly rubbed with coconut oil. They are then individually packaged and send to you to enjoy Nature's best!

Le Coco Bol is perfect for salads, smoothies, buddha bowls, poke bowls, vegan dishes, curries, healthy dishes, cocktails to share (or not), pasta and more. They are also perfect for snacks, biltong, popcorn and more. In fact they are so perfect that you can use them for just about anything. 

Once you start using our coconut bowls, you won't ever want to stop. They are your small contribution to helping the environment. 

Share them with all your loved ones, like we do. 

We have recently added some beautiful hand crafted Bamboo products to our range. Bamboo is the world's most sustainable and fast growing plant, it is biodegradable, 100 % natural and anti bacterial. 

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