What materials are used to create Coconut Bowls?

Our bowls are meticulously crafted by hand from entirely natural coconut shells.

What makes dining from a Coconut Bowl preferable to a conventional one?

By opting for a Coconut Bowl, you're embracing a 100% natural, eco-friendly choice that contributes to zero waste and utilizes a recycled product from nature. Plus, they add an element of fun to your dining experience and offer a visually appealing aesthetic

Are variations in appearance among my received bowls normal?

Absolutely! Just like in nature, no two coconuts are identical, resulting in each of our bowls being unique. Embrace the individuality of your Coconut Bowls, as their distinct shapes, sizes, markings, and imperfections add personality and make them truly special.


Shipping Costs and Delivery times

Orders will be shipped out next 2 business day.

Mauritius shipping

We offer Standard Shipping with delivery within 2-5 business days. Shipping fees vary based on order value:

  • Orders less than 1000 Rs incur a 100 Rs fee
  • Orders between 1000 and 3000 Rs incur a 120 Rs fee
  • Orders between 3000 and 5000 Rs incur a 150 Rs fee
  • Shipping is free for all orders over 5000 Rs

For larger quantities, we can arrange direct delivery or pick-up with an additional charge.

All orders are shipped via the Mauritius Postal Service

Worlwide Shipping

Please contact us for international shipping delivery.

Any customs fees, duties and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

If you have any questions regarding shipping, please email

Can I expect to receive a tracking number?

For all registered post orders, we provide comprehensive door-to-door tracking.* If your order has not arrived after 10 business days, kindly reach out to us at

What is the processing timeframe?

Our goal is to dispatch all orders within the next 2 business days. In rare cases where this is not feasible, we will expedite shipping as quickly as possible.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Juice, Internet Banking, PayPal


Returns Policy for sale items?

Any purchases made on items marked down, discounted, or on sale are non-returnable and non-refundable. We do not facilitate returns, exchanges, or refunds for these purchases.

What is the condition of the product?

Discounted items are sold in their current condition and may exhibit minor cosmetic imperfections or variations that do not impact their functionality or overall quality. These imperfections are not deemed defects and are not eligible for returns or refunds.

Am I able to return purchased items if I have a change of mind?

No, purchased items cannot be returned if there is a change of mind.


What's the optimal method for cleaning my Coconut Bowl?

It's recommended to hand-wash it using warm, soapy water, and always handle the bowl delicately

Are Coconut Bowls suitable for microwave, oven, or refrigerator use?

No, they are not. These bowls are sensitive to extreme temperatures and should not be placed in microwaves, ovens, or refrigerators. It's recommended to store them in a cool, dry place.

What's the best way to maintain my Coconut Bowl's pristine condition?

Apply coconut oil or flaxseed oil to the bowl every 10-20 uses to rejuvenate its glossy appearance and smooth texture