Get our amazing Coconut bowl
and a pack of 3 amazing Super Powders. Each pack is 50g of goodness!

These 3 are limited editions!

- Caffeine free
- Promotes healthy ageing
- Supports glowing skin
- Help in relaxing and reducing fatigue
- High in anti-inflammatory compounds
- Help in digestion

- Excellent for eyes 
- Full of polyphenols compounds good for colon
- Anti-inflammation properties
- Help in fighting diabetes
- Help in lowering blood cholesterol
- Rich in vitamin A (healthy skin)

- Low in calories, high in valuable vitamins and minerals
- Help in keeping blood pressure in check
- Help in improving athletic performance
- Help in improving digestive health
- Help in boosting brain power
- Anti-inflammation properties
- Help in encouraging weight loss

Coconut Bowl and Spoon and 3 Limited Edition Super Powders