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What is better than one coconut bowl ? Four beautiful handcrafted coconut bowls of course! One for the whole family, or some extra to share with friends and family.


They are perfect for smoothie bowls, buddha bowls, poke bowls, cocktails to share (or not), curries, pastas and more. They are also perfect for snacks, salads, fruit, vegetables, sauces, dips and finger foods. Kids also love them because they are lightweight and fits perfectly in small hands. They are bpa and chemical free!


Our coco bowls are made from real coconuts. They are made from the discarded husks of the nut. It is salvaged by artisans, handcrafted and polished to a beautiful shine. They are totally natural, eco friendly and 100% sustainable. You are not only buying a beautiful natural product, you are also helping the environment by buying natural products that are created naturally and is biodegradable.

4 Coconut Bowl Pack

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